Notices/Special Events

Arden Cahill Academy has a pest management plan and an asbestos management plan, as required by the state of Louisiana, that are available to parents, teachers, and employees upon request through the front office.

Dates of events to be announced in the school calendar

Parent and Student Orientations take place before the first day of school. There is a student orientation for 1st-8th grade students. This is a required half day of school providing an opportunity for the students to meet their teachers, get supply lists, schedules, books, lockers, and take their yearbook pictures. There is a parent orientation for parents of preschool and kindergarten students, which the kindergarten parents are required to attend. There is also a preschool and kindergarten parent/student orientation. This is a leisurely occasion designed to let the parent(s) and student meet the teachers, visit the classrooms, and pick up schedules, supply lists, etc.

Parent and New Student/Returning 1st Graders Orientation is required for all new 1–8th grade students and at least one parent. It is optional for parents of students who were in kindergarten at ACA last year. Students and parents will be introduced to faculty members and will receive an overview of general policies of the academy.

Parent/Teacher Conferences take place at the end of Quarters I and II. Conferences allow time for the parents and teachers to discuss the progress of the child. A conference with a teacher can be requested at any time during the school year by calling the office.

Open House offers the opportunity for parents to follow the child's daily schedule, attending all classes. A talk is given by each teacher regarding subject goals, methods, and materials. Only parents should attend Open House.

Student Council Election is held each September. Specifics of eligibility are discussed with students in class.

Eighth Grade Class Day is the official day for capping of eighth grade students and presentation of their school rings. Eighth graders relate thoughts of their futures and vocations and offer last will and testaments to the 7th grade.

Book Fair is an opportunity to raise funds to purchase new books, televisions, Smart boards, DVD players, etc. During Book Fair Week a book sale is held and parents are invited to visit the fair with their children.

Spirit Week is a week of activities promoting school spirit and honoring athletes.

Honor Roll Assemblies (Grades 1–8) are held quarterly honoring students who have made the Honor/High Honor Roll.

Student Council Thanksgiving Food Drive is an activity to provide for needy families in the area.

The Giving Tree is a Christmas program of a live nativity scene and caroling ending with collection of family gifts placed under the Giving Tree. Proceeds are used to assist needy families.

Celebration in the Oaks is a Christmas program at City Park. Our chorus sings on our "school night". Our school Christmas tree may be viewed.

Speech Festival is an annual speech tournament held within the school. Voluntary participation is encouraged for grades 1–4. Participation is required for 5–8.

International Bazaar is held by the 5th grade World History class. Students in full costume present a food festival for the student body as a fund raiser for our school’s Social Studies program.

Social-Science Tours are required seventh and eighth grade field trips where students take 4 day tours which complement the Social Studies and Science curriculums. Tours are directed and chaperoned by members of the staff.

Field Day is held for all students to participate in a day of track and field activities. Funds raised through sale of lunches and snacks go to benefit the Athletic Department.

Whale Fest is an organized school cultural experience for ACA students and parents. It is a day of educational fun with guest authors, artists, and student performances with an emphasis on our Louisiana heritage.

Cheerleader Clinic and Tryouts includes an annual workshop for prospective cheerleaders and selection of squad for the following year. Girls in grades 4–7 are eligible to tryout for the upcoming school year.

"Big Blue" is the annual awards ceremony honoring athletes in all sports.

Recorder Concert is held annually and gives parents and guests the opportunity to hear and enjoy some of the songs the children learned throughout the year.

Class Plays are theatrical productions in which each class performs bits from hits in a musical comedy or original theme.

Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Graduations are ceremonies held at the end of the school year to honor these students.

Fourth Grade Moving Up Day is held in conjunction with the Honor Roll Assembly at the end of the year. Fourth grade students are honored and recognized as they move to middle school.

Contests occur throughout the year. Students participate in many civic, regional and national contests which will enrich the program of studies, i.e. VFW Essay and Art Contest, Duke University Talent Search, Speech Festival, N.O. Chapter of the Links Annual Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, etc.

Pony Promenade is an exhibition by the students who participate in the horseback riding program.