Dress Code

2015-2016 DRESS CODE

Dress and Grooming 

Arden Cahill Academy has selected “uniform” options available on the Land’s End website.

A student is expected to dress neatly, respectably, and modestly at all times. Anyone who violates the dress code is subject to detention. Teachers and staff will make the final determination of whether a student’s attire is acceptable or not. When a new “trend” develops during the school year, as will often times happen, teachers and staff will confer, students must comply with new rules that may arise, even when not written in the handbook. Hair may be worn according to current fashion, but it must be neat, clean, and combed back out of the eyes. Stricter rules for hair and dress may be given to students making poor choices academically or behaviorally. Clothing with another school’s name may not be worn. Sunglasses, glasses, or hats worn as an accessory are not permitted. No hats, caps, oversized hair or jewelry accessories are to be worn inside school. Skull designs are not permitted on clothing. Low slung jeans are not allowed. Belts are not required except on "dress days" if the outfit has belt loops. Clothing with messages is not permitted for students in 1st-8th grades. No wording on clothing in 1st-8th grades permitted except the brand name or logo that must be no larger than 3 ½” x 5”. In 5th-8th grades clothing may not contain any pictures. Clothing items with floral, geometric designs, stripes, plaids, or small repeating patterns that are part of a print are acceptable. These guidelines apply also to clothing purchased on school trips. The only exceptions are: 7th and 8th grade official Tour shirts, Whale Fest shirts, and 8th grade “fundraising” shirts, which may be worn daily. P.E. clothes, swimming uniforms, and sports practice shirts/uniforms are not permitted in any class except physical education. On ACA game days, certain parts of the team uniforms may be worn. Cahill warm–up suits are acceptable. Camp clothes are not to be worn to school.

A girl may wear a dress, skirt/pants and blouse, or shorts. For 1st-4th grade girls, skirt, dress, or shorts must be worn no higher than mid-thigh. For 5th-8th grade girls these must be worn no higher than 2 inches above the knee. Teacher discretion will be used to establish respectability. Mini-skirts are unacceptable. Short shorts, gym shorts or cutoffs of any kind may not be worn. Shorts must not be rolled up. The hem must show. Tight, worn out, or torn jeans, even if purchased that way, will not be permitted. Flip-flops and shoes with wheels are not allowed. Leggings may be worn as long as they are worn with a top that reaches 2 inches above the knee (5th-8th) or at mid-thigh (1st-4th). Strapless tops are unacceptable. Mid-drift shirts must be worn with a tank top underneath so that skin in the belly area does not show. Halter shirts/dresses or shirts/dresses with spaghetti straps may only be worn with a sweater or cover-up over them. Bra straps may not be visible. Low cut shirts or shirts with cutouts must be worn with a tank.

A boy may wear long pants, shorts (NOT short shorts, gym shorts or cut–offs), or jeans. Shorts must not be rolled up. The hem must show. Worn out or torn jeans will not be permitted even if purchased that way. Flip-flops and shoes with wheels are not allowed. Shirts must be tucked in unless they are made to be worn otherwise.

Dress Days

Dress Days are mandatory for students in grade 1–8 on special occasions (Orientation Day, Class Day, Speech Festival, 4th grade “Moving Up” ceremony, some field trips, concerts, etc.) as specified by teachers.

Girls 1–8: Only dress, dress skirts and blouses, or dressy pant ensemble, may be worn. T–shirts, jean skirts, shorts or jeans may not be worn. Belts must be worn with clothing that has belt loops.

Boys 1–8: Only slacks or dress pants may be worn. Shorts or jeans may not be worn. Shirts must have collars and belts must be worn with pants that have belt loops. Socks must be worn.